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Through Content

Comprehensive Solutions
for Digital Signage

Interactions With Impact

Content. It's the reason
we're throwing this party.

Engage the consumer. Leave an impression. Motivate a behavior. Influence a choice. Whatever your goal, you gotta have killer content.

From small screens to giant displays and from gas pumps to football stadiums, no matter where your signage is or how it’s used, IconVerge can help bring it to life. We are the digital signage gurus and we work with end-users, resellers and manufacturers to develop winning strategies, create engaging content and build and maintain healthy networks.

where would we be without content?

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    Great Expectations

    If compelling content is missing, the consumer is never engaged.

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    The medium is the message

    To be effective, communication must be clear and carefully crafted.

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    No points for presentation

    All style and no substance leads to empty results.

Spotlight, please.

Content Strategy

Focused and Purposeful

We concept and ideate with specific goals in mind. Strategic problem-solving is a foundation, not an afterthought.

Content Creation

Design, Write, Code

Our seasoned team consistently delivers aesthetic and executional excellence. Our standards are high, and we sweat the details.

Content Management

Control the Message

If you can't determine the what, where, and how, you can't depend on getting results. And results is what we're all about.

Content Review

Refine, Edit, Repeat

With feedback and assessment, the flexibility and plasticity of digital means your message can be refined and updated at any time.

Turnkey Service From Planning to Deployment

When designing a digital signage network getting from point A to point B involves a multitude of hard decisions and confusing variables. Content, technology, integration and support are critical links in the chain, and a piecemeal, patchwork solution is a recipe for failure.

From strategic planning to installation.

We provide comprehensive expertise every step of the way to ensure that your system meets your objectives and exceeds your expectations.

Content is King

Professional, compelling content is a prerequisite for success.



With an array of options, we design a system that's right for you.


We love it when a plan come together, right down to the last pixel.


We fully support each system with continuing training and support


Strategy development


Live Video


Custom Content Creation




Creative Development


Third-party content




Mobile and Social Integration




Technical and Management Services

Pre-sales Consulting


System Maintenance


System Design


Implementation and Deployment


Project Planning




Project Management


Help Desk


Technical Support


IconVerge is powered by Icon Marketing Communications.

Icon Marketing Communications is the parent company of IconVerge. Icon is a creative studio with an 18 year track record of excellence in brand development and execution.

Meet Our Team

The name is new, but the faces...well, they've got some miles on 'em.



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Recent Work

Here's a few recent projects. If you'd like to know more, get in touch for a one-on-one presentation.

In-Store Mobile App
Interactive content for the small screen.

Tempur-Pedic Rest Test App

Designed as part of an national in-store fundraising event benefitting The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, this app walked mattress shoppers through a “Rest Test” that triggered $10 donation from Tempur-Pedic. The app allowed shoppers to register their Rest Test using location services tied to a store database and encouraged them to share their experience through their social media networks.

Retail Video Loop
Point-of-sale persuasion

Tempur-Pedic Retail Video Loop

An confident shopper is a likely buyer. This video loop was produced to elevate the Tempur-Pedic brand at the point of sale by delivering informative and emotionally provocative content about the Tempur-Pedic brand and its line of products. The loop runs on video displays in retail stores across the country to educate and motivate shoppers.

Corporate Campus Communication
Customer and employee engagement

Syrus Corporate Campus Signage

When Syrus moved into its new corporate offices, management wanted to implement a campus-wide digital signage network both to engage visitors and improve employee communication. The brand-centric content the was built so that managers can update messages using templates that allow text and photos to be easily changed right from any computer.

Interactive Shopper Education
An in-store touchscreen experience

Touchscreen Shopping Aid

Shoppers want to be in control of their shopping experience. This extensive interactive application was designed and produced to give mattress shoppers the ability to learn about and easily navigate the product line at their own pace using an interactive touchscreen. Screens were installed so that shoppers could engage while standing or lying on the mattresses.

Digital Signage In Action

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    From preschool to college and all grades between, digital signage is changing the way we teach and learn.

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    Hotels can deliver information, answers, and directions with digital signage, promoting improved guest experiences.

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    Banks can cross-sell new products and deliver informative messages, so time waiting in line is no longer time wasted.

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    Reach shoppers with a message that is impactful and engaging, as well as easily updated.

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    From airports to subways, digital signage can display needed information and directions.

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    At a car dealership, customers represent a captive audience. Digital signage can boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

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